Not a movie/animation (at this point anyway), but more a strange universe with a lot of surreal creatures. Mostly by drawn pictures and by loose history, although there’s been ideas of making animations of them.

I used to draw a lot back in the day, and I still do sometimes, but it for better or worse always centers around very strange creatures of some kind. Just what it turns into for me.

Over the years though, it always kind of struck me that all these creatures belonged in the the same universe, or even the same planet… they just needed a backstory, and there was alway this dream of just trying to create a nature for them. That they all had some kind of biological function in a specific surreal universe, perhaps on a surreal planet with different locations, habitats and so on. Kind of combing two of my biggest interests, evolution and surrealism.

I called the universe/planet Saerdnia. The name came from when I was younger and did the same thing.. and I tried to reconnect and collect all the material I had and make something out of it.

So.. When I was in Volda at my third year and was supposed to do an examfilm, I started out with trying to go back into this universe and these creatures. Finding the abilities and inhabitats and so on. I didn’t really have an overall story for a shortmovie(which is the usual thing).. I instead pondered about just having it be small videos, maybe that could work in some art gallery setting collected. The main them of it just being quite arty and crazy, but still kept in tune with an alien form of darwinistic evolution (the struggle for survivial and sexual selection…Smilie: ;) I still think this would have been a cool idea, but another story evolved inside it like a parasite and eventually overtook the project.

This story was what would later become Planet Zapffe. It happened quite gradually, because I was trying to make out if the Saerdnia planet had intelligent life(something equalling to humans), as most of the creatures was supposed to be driven more by animalistic instincts I thought it was an interesting question to fiddle around with.
Then it kind of struck me, probably through having read about antinatalism that I wanted there to have been intelligent life there but they chose to die out. I found this to be strong theme.

So later on I visioned a researcher finding this planet and being struck in awe by all the weird anbd strange life that he found here, thinking it was wonderful, but eventually finding the ruins of this earlier civilization and now being colored by this seeing life very differently. For a while I was trying to do both of these concepts at the same time in the same movie, but realizing that they kind of ate eachother up.

The one with a researcher finding a died out civilization somehow worked better if it was more deserted and minimalistic too I felt, and more realistic. Also I needed to restrict myself from getting a too big project anyway. It was just supposed to be a little short after all. So sadly I had to take all the Saednia stuff out of the equation. Which was sad, because I would really have enjoyed to develop that universe further.. but it had to go. I have no idea how that would have turned out.







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