Welcome to my little gallery of movies, animations and other twerks over the years.

Some wise person said once that all people would like to look back at their past thinking they have multiple pasts. Its somewhat hard to look back at life, seeing how straightforward it really was… and now you are suddenly here.

In reality we don’t really have multiple pasts. Its a nice comforting lie to believe in though. So maybe we should tell eachother that we all do in fact have multiple pasts. That every person has a bottomless resource of history.

Our fantasies are parts of our character too though, one could argue. And in that sense, including our fantasies we’ve been almost everything, and we could still become anything. Some of us can’t even seperate the fantasy from the reality. If we dreamt it, we are it.

If we had a surveillance camera at us at all time though, and we viewed the footage, it might push us down into the ground again though.
Maybe our real past really is the real us.

These are my movies up to this point.
For the most part. Except for those in my other pasts, ok

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