The Rover Robots Designs

Designs of the rover robots “Hansel and Gretel”.
Done by Stein-Christian.

You can read and see more pictures about the rover robots story here..
Along with the evolution of the design and the thoughtprocess behind the design

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Step one

Late crashlanding in the blogosphere.
Greetings fragile earthlings. This is the first official post of the blog of 2083: Planet Zapffe.

This blog is full of spoilers and development-stuff, so if you don’t want the visual world and intriguing story ruined, please leave.

If you want to see the development, and don’t mind knowing everything about the movie, and perhaps even want to comment and give feedback on it, then this blog is for you. Welcome.

You could do a half-way thing too, I suppose, but I don’t know how that will work out. On your own risk.

As for other stuff you could do besides reading this blog, phew, the possibilities are almost endless! Infinite! (But in a very deterministic way, though..)

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