Update May 2013

Busy days on Planet Zapffe.. lots of stuff happening.
Trying to stay positive working on a quite pessimistic film is sometimes a paradox though. Oh well. Lets go over the news..

Stein-C is back with two new portraits. One of Kirk Neville aka DerivedEnergy… and a new one of Gary/Inmendham..

About DerivedEnergy!

Derived Energy

This is DerivedEnergy, thats the nick he’s been known for on youtube for quite some time, but he’s real name is Kirk Neville, and he’s now using this officially as his monicker on youtube. He’s a very nice and intelligent guy and a dedicated antinatalist. I advice everyone to visit his youtube-channel. He’s been active making argumentative videos for years, and I think he has been working on a book about antinatalism too. A huge fellow Zapffe-fan too, which I have chatted with briefly, so I consider him a friend. He’s a dedicated antinatalist too, and by the hand of Stein-C he’s now granted our Hall Of Fame!

Sometimes bad and sad stuff happens though, and recently news about DerivedEnergy has been subject to a lot of shock and sorrow for the antinatalism community. It seems like he has been caught in a situation most people would only have nightmares about. He is born british, and has been working as a language teacher in Indonesia, and were caught in his private house smoking two joints of marijuana.. and his flat was stormed and he was arrested. He now facing charges of up to 12 years in prison, because of insane Indonesian laws. Which to is beyond unreal, if you ask me. Absurd. Especially since he’s a british citizen, and it would make more sense sending him back to England and let them deal with his case after the law system he’s registered in.

Sadly we don’t know much about the situation about how his state is. Although both Inmendham and Amanda as well as many others are usually updating on this case frequently. Check out there if you want to get involved in this.

YOU CAN HELP out too! HELP DERIVED ENERGY if you disagree with Indonesia’s law system, and want him sent home. Just sign this online petition!
It already has 500 votes, so its going forward. Online petitions like this has proven an effect in some situations, so please don’t argue its of no value.

When I find some time, I will make a section on the site to collect his best videos, as I might do with others too. Derived Energy’s also been very interested in Peter Wessel Zapffe, and I promised him to make a video series about Zapffe’s book About The Tragic(since its not translated to any other language than norwegian, he even talked about wanting to learn norwegian to learn it). Which I sadly saw I had no time to do at the time, but I will probably will do this series now, perhaps in tribute to Kirk eventually. When I get time. From everybody’s working on Planet Zapffe we wish you all well, Kirk!

Again, please sign this petition!

G. Inmendham

We also did another drawing of Inmendham! He’s already in the hall of fame, but we made a new portrait as we heard rumors he wasn’t happy about his last one (too looked too sad or angry maybe). I kind of liked the old one, but we discussed it in length and made a new one that was more mild. And also since Stein-C’s latter portraits has gotten more and more ‘realistic’.

Gary probably need no introduction. He’s one of the most dedicated antinatalists out there. Go to his youtube channel or his Vloggerdome. He’s always interesting and never boring. (Or you could watch this insanly video by Contentmentiswealth, or check out Graytaicho’s great library of Inmendham edited videos (well mostly its Inmendham, at least.)) 

In other news with the production…

Plant: Frode has been finishing up the plant that shoot out gas.
Its looking really cool and creepy now.

PlantFront (2) PlantfrontOpenPlantprof

Voices: We’ve been recording a lot of voices by our actress Camilla Olsen Moss in April. Around 50% the voices we managed to get done. Still some left in the later parts of the movie. Its very difficult doing voiceacting.. Arguably more difficult sometimes than normal acting.  You kind of have to act without any surroundings to help.

We’re looking for voiceactors for the other roles too. Which is something to do sooner than later. Tsk.

Faces/woman: Kirsten has been working very hard on the face, and we’ve had a really bumpy ride, but we think we have a face that would suit our maincharacter, which is so far under the name of Sarah. Here’s some of the stuff in the furnace…


Fjes i profil, halvprofil og forfra
Fjes forfraII

First scene

The first scene is the “stoneland”.. A very dead and large environment on the planet, an area that is almost filling Planet Zapffe. Actually most of it is rocky, with only oasises of grassy areas. There’s some strange rocks in the starting area. Its quite windy there too.

Rar stein

Here’s the current version of the startscene. It looks very good, I think. Kirsten has really been doing a great job so far.

Startområde bakgrunn

And next step is to start animating actually. Perhaps for real this time.

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Update April 2013

Lets start with a gloomy Peter Wessel Zapffe-quote for gloomy April!

“Despite his new eyes, man was still rooted in matter, his soul spun into it and subordinated to its blind laws. And yet he could see matter as a stranger, compare himself to all phenomena, see through and locate his vital processes. He comes to nature as an unbidden guest, in vain extending his arms to beg conciliation with his maker: Nature answers no more, it preformed a miracle with man, but later did not know him.” ~ Peter Wessel Zapffe, The Last Messiah

Stuff is happening slowly yet good. As snail doing its best. New and improved Script! The perhaps biggest news for April is the new version of the script! 4.0. There’s been some problems, loose ends, unfinished dialogues, elements waiting forever to be fixed and stuff like that with the old script, but now there’s finally a new and improved version. Probably not the complete script, but closer to something finished at least. Visit the script section of the website to read it! We have a portrait of Herman Tønnessen to the Antinatalism Hall Of Fame. Stein-C is responsible for all kinds of immortalizing, yet again.

Herman Tønnessen

Herman Tønnessen was a friend of Zapffe, and a professor in philosophy in California and later in Canada after moving from Norway, losing his position in Oslo to Arne Næss. He’s infamous for his quote “Happiness is for pigs, I choose the truth. (“Lykke er for griser. Jeg velger sannheten”)” which was also the title of a book by Tønnessen and Zapffe. A very good book which I personally have re-lent from my library for months and months. The book is captivating to say the least, and a of dialogue between Zapffe and Tønnessen. Tønnesen easily being the most talkative between them. They have similar vibe, but does have different perspectives at some points. Very entertaining book, and if you can get it consider yourself lucky as its quite rare. There’s also an essay by Arne Næss, who often is thought of as the most famous philosopher in Norway, but a bit optimistic than Zapffe and Tønnessen, and we also get an answer to Næss by them both. One of my favorite books, probably. Who likes optimists, I guess.


Tønnessen was also infamous for trying to out-Zapffe Zapffe himself. While Zapffe would say something like that the universe doesn’t serve any real purpose or meaning, Tønnessen would take it even further and say it doesn’t even serve meaninglessness! Tønnessen was also viewed as some kind of rabulist, and a very loud energic person with a lot of weird impulses. There’s a story once while waiting in a resturaunt for the foot, started to climb a beam in the roof out of boredom, and managed to get the roof to fall down, and people say stuff like that happened with him all the time. Anyway, Tønnessen was a fascinating and entertaining persona, and sadly he passed away some years ago in silence. I am saddened to see not much legacy has been tributed him later on. He deserves better. This portrait is tributed to his memory and an inclusion to the Antinatalism Hall Of Fame.

Our background president Kirsten has also been at works with defining the look of Planet Zapffe. Its turning very physical now. These are some beautiful illustrations of the huge plain area the maincharacter will walk through at night. Two moons. Click one the pictures for a bigger view. They’re worth it. Many nice details..




Great work.

There’s also been some smaller updates around the site.

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Update March 2013

March! Time never pauses, although everything else seems to do sometimes.

This is the anticpated “The Big Background Update”, as Kirsten, our background president, has been quite hard at work with the director here, trying to find the look for Planet Zapffe and the universe. Its going good, here’s some works…


There’s been good progress with the works in the swamp. In the movie the maincharacter visits the swamp, and eventually finds something there.


uferdig Sump1

Here’s another draft of the first scene. A bit more gloomy than the last ones. Need to make a decision soon.


We had interesting ideas with the trees in the swamp, as they are impregnant with the eggs of the creatures living there. The final idea (credited Kirsten here) has been to make the tree even look a bit like a pregant woman, which is a fantastic idea. Here are some drafts of the development.




Here’s some more undefined ones. Showing skies and moods.




Naturlandskap spisse fjell

Kirsten is doing really great work, and I’m endlessly appreciative for her efforts. If you like her works, I hope you’ll check out here deviantart-page. She’ll post a lot of stuff there as well.


Meanwhile, Maestro Frode is working on the plant. An element that is very central in the movie. We hope to get somewhere with it soon. The colors here are probably a bit too much like roses at the moment, but its getting somewhere. They’ll look quite wilder and weird when they open up. You’ll see!



The Great™©∞ Stein-Christian hasn’t been able to finish any new antinatalists to this update, which is a bit sad.. but we have a lot of quite exciting plans for further portraits, so there will be more. We are doing one of another norwegian philosopher in fact. Yes, there is another one. Can anyone guess who? He was quite a character.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show you this old classic drawing he did of Peter Wessel Zapffe before he did the later one. Its something about this that I just always just loved personally.

Gammel utgave av Zapffe

Also, while we’re on old versions of drawings.. Check out this abondoned banner by Stein-C too. Its funnier than the present one, but perhaps a bit “too” funny. At least thats what I felt at the time. Zapffe (to me) ended up looking a little bit like a mad german scientist. We did another more serious version. This one is very nice on its own.

Planet Zapffe banner orig.2


Furthermore, we are trying to figure out a improved suit/character for the movie. Anna Mantzaris is currently on the task. It has sadly been a very lengthy difficult case, and has slowed things down a bit with the production, but thats how things are sometimes.

We are unfortunantly still on the look for final her face too. Maybe we could do a very avantgarde-experimental movie and she like doesn’t have a face? Thats my current brilliant idea.

There’s also a plan to update the script very soon. Blame the Gods of Evil Gods of Procrastrination And Untimely Illness for it to go so slow. Soon though.

Shout out!


My friend and collegue on several of movies in the past together, Toni Nordli, is producing a movie over in England, and its a very interesting fictional movie about “A British photojournalist, covering the war in Bosnia (1991-1995), encounters ethical and moral complications in the pursuit of his art“. Its called Take Me To The Front, and you can watch a teaser here. They are having the funding project on Indiegogo. I suggest go over there and read about the film and consider supporting it if you want to see it realized.
A global best of luck from Planet Zapffe!

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Update February 2013

February has been up for a few days now, and all the moons of the universe has alligned to make this update possible.

First up: The mysterious artist Stein-C has been up to no good again, and has made a couple of brilliant additions to the antinatalist portraits-project, which soon will be added in the Antinatalism Hall of Fame.

Emil Cioran. A romanian author, poet, existensialist and philsopher. The book Trouble Of Being Born is very beautiful although obviously pessimistic and melancholic book, full of strange and wonderful thoughts. Here’s his wikipedia article.

Emil Cioran

Les U. Knight, is the founder of the organization The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement(VHEMT for short). They are antinatalists in the sense that they’d like to see the world without as many humans, or preferably any at all. They have more of a environmental approach to the extinction of humanity than many of the others, but antinatalists just as much. Check out their website. Lots of info on them there. 
“May we live long and die out!”

Les U Knight

A few t-shirts has been printed by Foreverwolffilms/Amanda with the Jim Crawford-portrait on the front, as she made a contest, and a quote of him on the back. More about that later.

In other news very talented Kirsten Ryeng is the new background artist, and she has already started to do some nice work. Her deviantart-page here, check her out!
Here is a couple of things she’s working on. (Not finished, but coming along very nicely!)





Frode Munkhaugen has been working on the the swamp creature from profile.
It has a bit of a buggy look now, which is interesting.


Here some binoculars, used in the scene the maincharacter sees something on the mountains.
Here’s an attempt to find the colors of the swamp.


I would also like to welcome Anna Mantzaris aboard. She’s a very talented artist and and animator that was in my class in Volda. She will help out when she has time. Check out her and Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsens graduate movie But Milk Is Important if you can. Its a very intense dizzy movie about a man struggling with his social anxieties and some big creature bugging him to move out of his comfort zones. Done with puppetanimation. It turned out amazingly good. If can get a chance to see it, please do. Also, Anna, myself and the infamous latter day Simon Furdal also worked on a digital-cutout movie in 2010, which was a reworking of the Orpheus myth. You can watch it here.

Another swede Marq Persson also will assist with animation. He’s a very good animator, and check out his stuff. A very warm welcome to the production.

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Update January 2013

Holidays and such. Happy new year! Looking forward to what the year might bring. Welcome to Planet Zapffe. We know how to laugh lightheartedly in the face of despair and we offer fun services to learn this ability.

Finally we have a new domain.

Look, a university lecture on David Benatar’s material! Not by him sadly, but its pretty good none the less. Well worth your time to dwell on if we should contiuine the existence of human beings. To be or not to be? Debate.

Should The Human Species Pursue Its Own Extinction?

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Update December 2012

Gloomy December is upon us again. It always returns with its glittery updolled season. Things are slowly moving along up there on Planet Zapffe. Here is what’s going on.

Website banner

The Planet Zapffe banner for the site has finally stroke upon us. Looks stunning. Idea and design by the Great™ Stein-C.

The Swamp Thing
The artist previously and also currently known as Frode Munkhaugen has finished the creature the main character finds in the swamp in the story. Looks very good. Very creepy. Very something...

(Click on it for a bigger picture.)

Design in general

Original design by Moebius

This is more theory: We have kind of decided upon that the movie will go for a 1970s sci-fi feel to the movie designwise. The 70s and early 80s was quite a golden age for science fiction, both live action and in animation and comics, so its an exciting thing to attempt. People like Moebius, Dan McPharlin and others will probably be references. Guess we have to break down what this means.

The link and reference to the french sci-fi 70s- animation film Fantastic Planet(“a Planète sauvage”) will coincidentally be close to this project, as that one is cut-out as well. It even has “Planet” in the title. Okay..?

The Great Antinatalism ‘Hall Of Fame’
This is a humorous attempt of making an Antinatalism Hall Of Fame. Don’t take it too seriously. Its really just a tribute and a guide to the most important of the antinatalist thinkers.
With exclusive portraits by Stein-C.

Go here to visit the HALL OF FAME

We are adding more people to the Hall Of Fame as we go along, so we are aware there’s some important ones missing. They’re probably coming. So far its Jim Crawford, David Benatar, Inmendham, Arthur Schopenhauer and Thomas Ligotti.

These drawings might be also be on an upcoming antinatalist t-shirt project as well in 2013. The project is directed by Foreverwolffilms, and she has had contests already on her youtube channel. They’re over now unfortunantly.

Website in general
Its taking a while, but slowly different section of the website gets fleshed out with content. Its been a month where just studying, reading books, watching videos on youtube and so on has been on the calendar. The movie really deals with the ideas of antinatalism, thats its heart, so its important to not misrepresent it. Also.. The need for a place to read about the philosophy and a guide to Zapffe and antinatalism also seems like a right thing to put up. Its quite timeconsuming though. Its a lot of material.

Quotes-section. Arguments. Criticisms of antinatalism (coming). Book guide. Youtube videos selection. There is also a secret project that will be revealed later on.
Also an updated inspirationpage, creditpage, about page, etc. ++
The website is getting there slowly. Soon.

Also working on a page about Peter Wessel Zapffe.
There is also a book guide, and a picture collection of him.

New designer: Kirsten R.
A friend of my sister, Kirsten R, will try to find the face of the maincharacter of the story. She once drew my sister. Looks almost completely like a photo. Kirsten is very talented. Check out here deviantart-page. A very warm welcome aboard the ship, Kirsten.

Next up besides finished the sections of the website and everything else is finishing the script and storyboard. Hopefully we’ll start to actually animate something after shortly after new year. About time.

Designers and Animators wanted! Help?

Also, we are requesting designers and animators that would like to help us with the project. Its turning into quite a beast to feed, so if you have a love for design, or know how to animate in After Effect and would like to give a hand, please take contact with us.

Have a nice December everybody!

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Update November 2012

Lack of updates lately, but now there will be monthly updates with general progress. Its decided! Expect one at the start of every month. Here’s a November update.

Animatic of the film

NB! Not THE finished animatic, but a continous work in progress.. and will probably be a work in progess for quite a while. The ending has changed since, and a lot of essential dialogue is still not put in. Some of the design has changed too, but it does give an impression about the movie. This also involves original music in progress by Trygve Nielsen. Most of it is reference music still, and we also need some more real sounds.

(For those who don’t know what an animatic is, its kind of the movie based in pictures and sounds. Its a tool for timing and getting a feel how it will be like. It might be more usual for animation than live-action. Its useful for this kind of thing.)

Thomas Ligotti

Stein-Christian Fagerbakken did another antinatalist portrait! This time by the great horror author Thomas Ligotti. I am reading the book “Conspiracy Against The Human Race” at the moment, and its a very good book. Winter literature recommended for all fellow pessimists of the globe. Also, its even dedicated to Peter Wessel Zapffe. This one is non-fiction, usually he writes horror. I also recommend the article/interview by Gateavisa with him in the (currently) last number, can be read here. (In norwegian)

A strange device

Frode Munkhaugen has done some more design. Here is the a device used in the movie. Anybody who guesses what it is for?

The “A Gloomy Defense Of Zapffe”

Video about Zapffe! I recently made a youtube-video about Zapffe’s philsophy as a reply to an antinatalist discussion on youtube. Which got a lot of nice feedback. Its true that some of it could be more accurate about his ideas of reality.. (I call everything a distraction in it, while he really divided it into four groups. Isolation, Distraction, Anchoring, Sublimination. I’ll make another one more in depth about it.) I didn’t expect the video to get that attention at all though. The video still gives a general idea about the ideas of Zapffe, in my opinion. Zapffe didn’t want his ideas to seem too complicated though, so I suppose I simplified it. Watch the video here.

Updated sections..

Hopefully I will finally get more of the sections on the website updated soon.

T-Shirt Contest

There’s also a t-shirt contest hosted by Foreverwolffilms. She is printing a t-shirt with one of Stein-Christians portraits of antinatalists.. Go here to check it out!
And an update more recent about the contest here..
The deadline to enter the contest is 10th November.

Hopefully there will be more shirts in print later on..
Have a nice November!

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Astronaut Suit + Composer

Frode Munkhaugen finally finished the suits!
This is approx 95% of what it will look like at least.

You can see and read about the whole devolopments(earlier drafts, inspirations, etc) of the space suits here.

Frode is also looking for any paid work these days, mainly for illustration or animation. Check out his quite mental portfolio, and contact him there. He’s a fan of people like Moebius and H.R Giger.  He often likes to mix the cute and the macabre in unusual and humorous ways, but can do a lot of stuff. 

In other news! Musician..!

Trygve Nielsen, animator, fan of ferries, comicdrawer, but most interestingly perhaps in this context a MUSICIAN, will take a crack at making a chilling sci-fi soundtrack to the film. Perhaps. Hopefully at least. Trygve has made a lot of solid soundtracks to animationmovies before, so this is exciting news… with Trygve comes so many stories. Trygve once turned an abondoned kindergarten into a music studio, where he also lived for a while. He was also the one who tipped me about Zapffe when he was my consultant for this movie about antinatalism earlier.

I was at the Shortfilmfestival at Grimstad with him before the summer.. Which was a great time. I also learnt he seemingly is very pro-monarchy(for kings, queens and such) because he simply is a fan of the idea of a state pays a lot of money for silly, unnecessary and incredibly stupid things. Wow. I didn’t think there was a good argument for monarchy, but.. there is seemingly. I am impressed. Perhaps we need more stupid statefunded stuff, just for the absurdity of it? Think about it.

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The Great Antinatalist Thinkers

These are a collection of portraits by Stein-Christian Fagerbakken of some of (what is considered) the most central antinatalist thinkers. The philosopy promoting the view that humans should go extinct. Its made for a section of the webpage that will attempt to explain the philosophy in the quite near future.

(Update 5 November: Better scannings!)


(Old ones kept temporarily because they have links to other places..)

These people are in the order:
– Petter Wessel Zapffe (whom the movie is entitled after)
– Jim Crawford
– David Benatar (He’s drawn like that as nobody knows what he looks like.)
– Gary Mosher AKA Indmendham
– Arthur Schopenhauer.

There’s also the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, which is an environmental organization, ran by Les U. Knight..

Soon you will be able to read more about these people and their philosopy on the website soon. Be afraid.

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New Storyboard 4.0

…what eerie stuff is going on here in this scene?

Find out what by reading the storyboard.

Check out the whole movie and story with beautifully drawn pictures and told story. Its almost like a comic!

Storyboard 4.0.

The storyboard is drawn by Frode Munkhaugen.

(To read the earlier versions of the storyboards, you can find them here)

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