1. Introduction

Antinatalism is a philosophy or a set of ideas, that breeding and having children is immoral and is adviced not to do.
To many this seems like a very strange and shocking idea at first, and obviously is very controversial, but its a position more and more people come to the conclusion of.

Efilism is a term closely connected to antinatalism often, and is the philosophy or idea that the human race is better died off. Usually antinatalism leads to efilism. If everybody stopped having offspring the human race would die out. (There is a third way though, that would include transhumanism.)

People come to this position for a variety of reasons,
For two main reasons, one is the imposition of life on an individial and the possible harm, the other usually comes from ecological reasons. Saving the planet.

Peter Wessel Zapffe main point came from that he claim humans are “over-evolved”. Which means he claimed humans ability to have consciousness, to think about life and death and to observe the cruelty of nature, is a tragedy not in tune with nature.

The full list of arguments, and a list of antinatalist quotes can be found on this page.

This movie is set in a world where efilism already has happened to an alien race, where we are getting to know what happened to a race that once was at a stage like humans are on our planet. We also see how this affects the main character. The base of the movie is the antinatalism arguments and the goal of the movie is to wake attention to these ideas.

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