Fantastic Planet (orig. “La Planète sauvage”) (1973)

Famous french cut-out science fiction animation. Directed René Laloux.

Stjerneskipet Marco Polo


By Tor Åge Bringsværd and Jon Bing. The godfathers of sci-fi in Norway. The space expeditions of Marco Polo crew were they travel to find other alien cilvilisations making a bit of paralall social commentary certainly reminds a bit of what Planet Zapffe also is trying to do. There’s some stories made for radio, and a TV-series called Blindpassasjer made for TV. Very recommended.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Arguably one of the most iconic science fiction movie of all time. Stanley Kubrick’s and Arthur C. Clarke’s attempt at revealing our place in the universe has been a reference all along.

Darwin IV from “Expedition”

Wayne Douglas Barlowe’s cult book Expedition involves the travel to a planet called Darwin IV, which this movie is inspired by. In fact this movie’s working title for a long time was Darwin IV. Its based around a scienctists and artists collaborating on how a world could have evolved on another planet in another universe.

The book is very rare, out of print and quite difficult to get a copy from.. insanely expensive copies can be found on ebay, but you can look at a PDF-version here: Darwin IV

There also is a documentary with CGI-animation based around this book.
You can watch it here.

Peter Wessel Zapffe ~ Om Det Tragiske/On The Tragic

Peter Wessel Zapffe has obviously been a huge influence. His writings about humans and the human experience is as chilling as it is insightful.

The Antinatalist Community

The Antinatalist Community has probably been the biggest inspiration. A lot of interesting and good people. Some of them has been very nice and supporting towards the production of this movie. We owe a lot for the ideas of the movie to them. This movie is really all dedicated to them.

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