Kirsten Ryeng (Deviantart-page)
Frode Munkhaugen (Blog)
Stein-Christian Fagerbakken

Composer and Sounds
Trygve Nielsen

Caricatures on webpage/t-shirt designs
Stein-Christian Fagerbakken

Storyboard & Animatic
Frode Munkhaugen & Andreas Nilssen Möss

3D Effects
Bengt Nilsen (Old showreel)

Actress, and co-devolopment of main character
Camilla Moss

Director, writer and webpage magician
Andreas Nilssen Möss (Other works can be found here)

7 Responses to Credits

  1. Hej Andreas,

    I was wondering if I could link to Planet Zapffe on my website?
    I’ve translated Den Sidste Messias and done some other (video and written) work on Schopenhauer, Cosmic Pessimism etc. You can find some of it here – under the ‘antinatalism’ category.

    Thanks very much for the blog.


    Trine Riel

    • Hey Trine, sorry for not getting to this sooner.

      Of course you can link to my site.
      Cool to see some interest in Zapffe. I’ll check out your site and your work.


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