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This place will include news about Antinatalism in mainstream media, and sometimes elsewhere.
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July 21, 2017
Is having children selfish?
By, written by Danielle Colley

June 20 2017
Anyone shocked by women who regret motherhood isn’t listening”
by the Sydney Morning Herald, written by Amy Gray

June 2 2017
Dutch Children Might Sue Sperm-Donor Father Simply for Causing Them to Exist in This Wretched Universe”
By, written by Ben Mathis-Lilley

May 31, 2017
As Environmental Catastrophe Looms, Is it Ethical to Have Children?”
by Foreign Policy

May 25, 2017
This woman is paying to stop addicts from having kids
New York Post, written by by Jackie Salo

February 21, 2017
Easter Island Shows Why Humanity Will Be Extinct Within 100 Years”
by Big Think, written by Philip Perry

Februar 7, 2017
Antinatalism: The people who think the world is better off if humans didn’t exist
by The Independent, written by Kashmira Gander

Februar 5, 2017
Meet The Antinatalists, Who Wish You’d Never Been Born”
by, by Rebecca Chodorkoff

Januar 3, 2017
The Anti-Childbirth Advocates Who Say We’re All Better Off Dead”
Broadly/Vice, written by Jessica Bateman

August 18, 2015
“Do Humans Have a Moral Duty to Stop Procreating?
by Big Think, written by Natalie Shoemaker

July 15, 2015
We Are Creatures That Should Not Exist”
by The Critique, written by David Benatar

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