Update December 2012

Gloomy December is upon us again. It always returns with its glittery updolled season. Things are slowly moving along up there on Planet Zapffe. Here is what’s going on.

Website banner

The Planet Zapffe banner for the site has finally stroke upon us. Looks stunning. Idea and design by the Great™ Stein-C.

The Swamp Thing
The artist previously and also currently known as Frode Munkhaugen has finished the creature the main character finds in the swamp in the story. Looks very good. Very creepy. Very something...

(Click on it for a bigger picture.)

Design in general

Original design by Moebius

This is more theory: We have kind of decided upon that the movie will go for a 1970s sci-fi feel to the movie designwise. The 70s and early 80s was quite a golden age for science fiction, both live action and in animation and comics, so its an exciting thing to attempt. People like Moebius, Dan McPharlin and others will probably be references. Guess we have to break down what this means.

The link and reference to the french sci-fi 70s- animation film Fantastic Planet(“a Planète sauvage”) will coincidentally be close to this project, as that one is cut-out as well. It even has “Planet” in the title. Okay..?

The Great Antinatalism ‘Hall Of Fame’
This is a humorous attempt of making an Antinatalism Hall Of Fame. Don’t take it too seriously. Its really just a tribute and a guide to the most important of the antinatalist thinkers.
With exclusive portraits by Stein-C.

Go here to visit the HALL OF FAME

We are adding more people to the Hall Of Fame as we go along, so we are aware there’s some important ones missing. They’re probably coming. So far its Jim Crawford, David Benatar, Inmendham, Arthur Schopenhauer and Thomas Ligotti.

These drawings might be also be on an upcoming antinatalist t-shirt project as well in 2013. The project is directed by Foreverwolffilms, and she has had contests already on her youtube channel. They’re over now unfortunantly.

Website in general
Its taking a while, but slowly different section of the website gets fleshed out with content. Its been a month where just studying, reading books, watching videos on youtube and so on has been on the calendar. The movie really deals with the ideas of antinatalism, thats its heart, so its important to not misrepresent it. Also.. The need for a place to read about the philosophy and a guide to Zapffe and antinatalism also seems like a right thing to put up. Its quite timeconsuming though. Its a lot of material.

Quotes-section. Arguments. Criticisms of antinatalism (coming). Book guide. Youtube videos selection. There is also a secret project that will be revealed later on.
Also an updated inspirationpage, creditpage, about page, etc. ++
The website is getting there slowly. Soon.

Also working on a page about Peter Wessel Zapffe.
There is also a book guide, and a picture collection of him.

New designer: Kirsten R.
A friend of my sister, Kirsten R, will try to find the face of the maincharacter of the story. She once drew my sister. Looks almost completely like a photo. Kirsten is very talented. Check out here deviantart-page. A very warm welcome aboard the ship, Kirsten.

Next up besides finished the sections of the website and everything else is finishing the script and storyboard. Hopefully we’ll start to actually animate something after shortly after new year. About time.

Designers and Animators wanted! Help?

Also, we are requesting designers and animators that would like to help us with the project. Its turning into quite a beast to feed, so if you have a love for design, or know how to animate in After Effect and would like to give a hand, please take contact with us.

Have a nice December everybody!

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