Update November 2012

Lack of updates lately, but now there will be monthly updates with general progress. Its decided! Expect one at the start of every month. Here’s a November update.

Animatic of the film

NB! Not THE finished animatic, but a continous work in progress.. and will probably be a work in progess for quite a while. The ending has changed since, and a lot of essential dialogue is still not put in. Some of the design has changed too, but it does give an impression about the movie. This also involves original music in progress by Trygve Nielsen. Most of it is reference music still, and we also need some more real sounds.

(For those who don’t know what an animatic is, its kind of the movie based in pictures and sounds. Its a tool for timing and getting a feel how it will be like. It might be more usual for animation than live-action. Its useful for this kind of thing.)

Thomas Ligotti

Stein-Christian Fagerbakken did another antinatalist portrait! This time by the great horror author Thomas Ligotti. I am reading the book “Conspiracy Against The Human Race” at the moment, and its a very good book. Winter literature recommended for all fellow pessimists of the globe. Also, its even dedicated to Peter Wessel Zapffe. This one is non-fiction, usually he writes horror. I also recommend the article/interview by Gateavisa with him in the (currently) last number, can be read here. (In norwegian)

A strange device

Frode Munkhaugen has done some more design. Here is the a device used in the movie. Anybody who guesses what it is for?

The “A Gloomy Defense Of Zapffe”

Video about Zapffe! I recently made a youtube-video about Zapffe’s philsophy as a reply to an antinatalist discussion on youtube. Which got a lot of nice feedback. Its true that some of it could be more accurate about his ideas of reality.. (I call everything a distraction in it, while he really divided it into four groups. Isolation, Distraction, Anchoring, Sublimination. I’ll make another one more in depth about it.) I didn’t expect the video to get that attention at all though. The video still gives a general idea about the ideas of Zapffe, in my opinion. Zapffe didn’t want his ideas to seem too complicated though, so I suppose I simplified it. Watch the video here.

Updated sections..

Hopefully I will finally get more of the sections on the website updated soon.

T-Shirt Contest

There’s also a t-shirt contest hosted by Foreverwolffilms. She is printing a t-shirt with one of Stein-Christians portraits of antinatalists.. Go here to check it out!
And an update more recent about the contest here..
The deadline to enter the contest is 10th November.

Hopefully there will be more shirts in print later on..
Have a nice November!

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