Astronaut Suit + Composer

Frode Munkhaugen finally finished the suits!
This is approx 95% of what it will look like at least.

You can see and read about the whole devolopments(earlier drafts, inspirations, etc) of the space suits here.

Frode is also looking for any paid work these days, mainly for illustration or animation. Check out his quite mental portfolio, and contact him there. He’s a fan of people like Moebius and H.R Giger.  He often likes to mix the cute and the macabre in unusual and humorous ways, but can do a lot of stuff. 

In other news! Musician..!

Trygve Nielsen, animator, fan of ferries, comicdrawer, but most interestingly perhaps in this context a MUSICIAN, will take a crack at making a chilling sci-fi soundtrack to the film. Perhaps. Hopefully at least. Trygve has made a lot of solid soundtracks to animationmovies before, so this is exciting news… with Trygve comes so many stories. Trygve once turned an abondoned kindergarten into a music studio, where he also lived for a while. He was also the one who tipped me about Zapffe when he was my consultant for this movie about antinatalism earlier.

I was at the Shortfilmfestival at Grimstad with him before the summer.. Which was a great time. I also learnt he seemingly is very pro-monarchy(for kings, queens and such) because he simply is a fan of the idea of a state pays a lot of money for silly, unnecessary and incredibly stupid things. Wow. I didn’t think there was a good argument for monarchy, but.. there is seemingly. I am impressed. Perhaps we need more stupid statefunded stuff, just for the absurdity of it? Think about it.

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  1. I have to say, I am glad I have found this site! Fellow Zappfe readers is an unlikely find in these areas.

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