The Great Antinatalist Thinkers

These are a collection of portraits by Stein-Christian Fagerbakken of some of (what is considered) the most central antinatalist thinkers. The philosopy promoting the view that humans should go extinct. Its made for a section of the webpage that will attempt to explain the philosophy in the quite near future.

(Update 5 November: Better scannings!)


(Old ones kept temporarily because they have links to other places..)

These people are in the order:
– Petter Wessel Zapffe (whom the movie is entitled after)
– Jim Crawford
– David Benatar (He’s drawn like that as nobody knows what he looks like.)
– Gary Mosher AKA Indmendham
– Arthur Schopenhauer.

There’s also the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, which is an environmental organization, ran by Les U. Knight..

Soon you will be able to read more about these people and their philosopy on the website soon. Be afraid.

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  1. Amazing work! I love these so much, I made a video telling everyone to go check them out, hope you don’t mind! Sorry for butchering your name!:
    Great work again – these would look fabulous on some t-shirts!!!
    All the best,

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