Antinatalism Magazine #3 released

After months and months of work and delays the new issue of the magazine is finally done.

It can be bought here on ebook and paperback. Check it out.

Unfortunately though, due to the Covid-19 situation in the world right now Amazon is not shipping the paperback version outside US for the time being.  The ebook is available internationally though.

Here is the cover. It was made by the artist Matt who produces AN related videos on youtube as well.

The magazine includes a travel guide to Peter Wessel Zapffe related places in Norway (with a lot of pictures from a Tim Oseckas from Australia who took that trip), a great article about Antinatalism in Early Christianity by Theophile de Giraud, a a memory section to Jiwoon Hwang the founder of the magazine (including an article from K. Kalvall on the topic of promortalism and suicide), an article about Jiwoon by myself, Katerina Lochmanova has written about Antinatalism through history, there also an interview with her, and then an Antinatalism novel called “The Gag Gift” by author Gregory Jahn + an interview with him. It also includes a booklist of all antinatalism books.

Check out the older issues #2 and #1 as well. Issue #4 is also around the corner.

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