Antinatalism Conference 30th of May 2018 and Release of Antinatalism Magazine

A conference about Antinatalism in Prague in Czech Republic is presented on 30th of May 2018. “Anti-natalism under fire”. 

A new Antinatalism Magazine will be pre-released there. It kind of succeeds with the first issue Jiwoon Hwang was responsible for, but this is a much larger issue with 11 portrait interviews plus other features. I’m not sure if it should count as issue 1 or 2. This time I’ve been responsible for putting it together more than Jiwoon.

It includes in depth interviews with:

  • David Benatar
  • Jim Crawford
  • Tejas Anand Gokhale
  • Jiwoon Hwang
  • Tim Oseckas
  • Pikesh Srivastava
  • Amanda Sukenick
  • Trick Slattery
  • Francois Tremblay

(In alphabetical order by last name)

It also includes an article with a survey over antinatalism done last year where over 600 people online participated. The article is done by Tom Lang from Effective Altruism.

It also includes the first chapter of yet-to-be-released and long awaited Stillborn Free. Plus an exclusive interview with the talented author Kevin Pinkerton. There’s illustrations included by Thomas Stetson.

A lot of work went into it, especially from the people involved. Enormous kudos to these lovely, smart and brave people.

It will soon go up for sale on Amazon.

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