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Exclusive late 2014 interview with Professor Colin Feltham

I’m very, very proud to present an interview done with Colin Feltham for Planet Zapffe.

Colin Feltham is a semi-retired psychology professor, psychotherapeut, and author of many books. He’s perhaps the worlds “leading” proponent of a direction in psychology called Depressive Realism, that stems from experiments from the 70s that showed that peope who were mildly depressed had more accurate view of certain things, perhaps even reality. Its a very fascinating field, and quite a new phenomenon, and it challenges many of the current views in psychology, like behaviorism.

Feltham contacted me through Planet Zapffe some time ago, and was very interested in Peter Wessel Zapffe and proposed Zapffe’s view of existence could be seen as a missing field in psychology. We’ve chatted quite a lot since then, and he’s one of the nicest and wisest people I’ve come to meet, with a lot of insight. I had many questions about Depressive Realism, psychology and everything related. He luckily agreed to do an interview.

You can read it here, and please share it with anyone you know that would be interested in this. PDF: Interview Colin Feltham 2014
Its biased coming from me, but I think it became a great interview, and thats been the response this far from others that has read it as well.

Keeping Ourselves In The Dark

His book Keeping Ourselves In The Dark is soon coming out on Nine Banded Books, and I’ve had the fortune of reading some of the draft of the chapters in it, and its highly recommendable. It convinced me about Depressive Realism. Please check it out! Should appeal to anyone interested in anything from Zapffe, to antinatalism, to pessimism, to psychology.


NB: Please check out my 40 minutes semi-documentary/semi-vlog reply(thats a new movie genre, by the way!) to youtube-provocateur Anekantavad about Depressive Realism which I made last year, as well. It was very much inspired by Colin Felthams writings.

Stein-C portrait of Cioran is now on a book cover!


Stein-C’s great portrait of Emil Cioran from the infamous Antinatalism Hall Of Fame, has  now been immortalized into the cover of an italian book about Emil Cioran. Its the italian label Voland, a small but very respectable label, that has released this little book called Sulla Francia. Its a book originally about Emil Cioran and his relationship to France, and written in 1941, but later released in France under the title De la France. This is an italian translation of the same book.

Stein-C got a few copies of the neat little book, and I was lucky to receive a copy from him. Italian is not a language I read very well though, but its still very nice to own a copy of it. If you speak italian please check it out.

Zola Jesus is officially a Zapffe fan? 

zola-jesus-2014-650-430_0Zapffe is also making his way into popular music seemingly. We’ve earlier heard the instrumental Black Metal artist Goatcraft citing Zapffe as a main influence, having a track named Consciousness is A Disease, which sounds quite Zapffean.

But now a perhaps even more famous artist, Zola Jesus, has taken a an interest to Peter Wessel Zapffe as an inspiration, even citing the whole of The Last Messiah (translated by Gisle Tangenes) on her Tumble. Which is amazing to see! She also commented on Zapffe in this article.

“He’s said a lot of things about how humanity just feels so uncomfortable with being alive–our consciousness is too advanced for us to be able to live. Basically, we’re over-evolved animals. Our ability to think about greater concepts isn’t necessarily helping our existence, and it’s creating more anxiety.”

Its great to see more artists having Zapffe as their muse. Her latest 2014 album Taiga, I’ve listened to a lot lately, and its an excellent record.

Scandinavian blog about David Benatar

Michael Holbæk, scandinavian blogger, and friend, has new danish blog about David Benatar. He has spent lots of time perfecting and re-constructing his summary of David Benatars writings, and its superbly written, and gives one a clearer view of Benatar’s sometimes complicated academic book Better To Never Have Been’s arguments. Especially Benatars asymmetry I’ve personally sometimes found a bit difficult, but Holbæk’s text gives it one of the best presentations I’ve seen. If you want a good overview I recommend reading his blog. Its written in danish, but might be translated at some point.

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  1. Thomas Ligotti’s I Have a Special Plan for This World (video, 24′):
    password: graphiosis

    Tim Oseckas says:

    Hi. Just wondering where plans are up to with translations of Zapffe’s works into English with assistance from Colin Feltham. Thanks! :)

  2. Just a note to let readers know that Colin’s book is now out. It is available through Nine-Banded Books, Amazon, and a handful of independent bookstores.

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