Update for June 14

For people asking or those too silent to wonder, sorry for the lack of updates on the Planet Zapffe website.

Planet Zapffe reached a temporary full stop some odd months ago due to unfortunate circumstances a bit too complex to into. I’ve been working on another short movie for a while now instead, but I hope to some day get Planet Zapffe back on the track again. I need to think about what it means to me these days, as my thoughts on these matters has changed and matured a lot. Also, its not easy getting such a big animation movie produced, and it has been very tough, so its something that needs a lot of thought. After working with such a large and complex project for so long it was kind of nice to work on something smaller though.

The new movie has Zapffe-themes as well however, as its about animals evolving into the same consciousness as humans and now getting angry at humans for how they have behaved towards them. Its presented as a tragic absurd comedy, but I’m attempting it to be  thoughtprovoking. Zapffe’s view on most animals, that they are in a somnambulist state, is prevalent in this tale. The animals has now awoken and claims their right. When everything wakes up then the question “what shall we eat now” make all things difficult. Its a strange thought, but a fascinating one. In my opinion anyway. So I’m now making a movie about it. Deal with it!

Here’s a couple of pictures from the new movie.

Jojo Ola_frontal Padd
For those with a sharp eye the drawings are made the Great Stein-C, infamous for his work on the Antinatalism Hall Of Fame. I’m doing the animation.. and the voicework is done by a bunch of folks. Its coming along. But yeah, I’ve basically jumped from making a serious sci-fi epos to a movie with a monkey-lawyer. Life takes some weird turns.

I also want to give a very delayed thanks to Magnus Ø. for him getting a personal copy of “Jeg Velger Sannheten” from the Zapffe Museum this fall. Its a book pretty much impossible to come by anywhere, and besides that one of my favorite books, and I think I have most if not all books by Zapffe now. So thanks to Magnus for this! Almost a year ago he also made it possible for me to visit the Zapffe Museum as well, so he’s now officially a honorary member of Planet Zapffe.


Also a thank to Studio Sokrates via Lars Nilsen for sending me some old radioprograms and a Zapffe documentary/interview made for radio. He also wrote an endorsement for the Zapffe translationproject, although I am not allowed to talk about it beyond that.

In the future I also want to make this site a better resource site for Zapffe, and I also contemplate a Planet Tønnessen website for material on Herman Tønnessen at some point, so stay tuned.

Hope everyone have a nice summer!

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