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No updates since May, except a couple of sideupdates in the summer with the Antinatalism Gallery and the visit of Peter Wessel Zapffe’s office at Asker Museum, but what about the movie? Is it finally stone cold dead?

For better or worse, no, not really… Planet Zapffe is still crawling along its own path like a small snail up some wonky mountain. Still, as with most movies its never particulary simple to do and there’s obviously challenging to make an animationmovie over several years, when it arguably should have been done a long time ago, but its still moving.

Some new designs!

Kirsten is starting to do some designs again now. Which is great.
A draft of the main characters face!

Fjes forfra, ny

A draft of a past city on Planet Zapffe.

By, uferdig øvelse

Animatic 5.0

A new animatic has been in the works. Still not final, but things might change with the story.

Two exclusive Zapffe and Tønnessen interviews from 1984!

tønnessen001  zapffe002

Herman Tønnessen – Gateavisa 1984
Peter Wessel Zapffe – Gateavisa 1984
Both in Norwegian.

Thank Gateavisa, via Pål Flakk, for sending me these. Also thanks to Stein-C for making awareness me of these interviews.

Pluss bonus!
Here’s another interview done back in the day with Peter Wessel Zapffe by an ex-philsophystudent Bo Viuf. Not completely sure where it comes from originally, but its been floating around upublished aimlessly on the internet, and suppose it’d be okay to archive it here, for Zapffe interested folks.
I made this PDF.

Zapffe Intervju Bo Viuf 1989-1990

New Animator

Happy to say welcome to Helga Fjeldså that will co-direct the movie and animate. She’s the wife of the antinatalistportrait-artist formerly and probably still known as The Great Stein-C. They did the movie I’m Behind The Door, which is an amazing puppet movie which has been around the globe on several festivals.


Helga is also working on her own new movie, but will work on Planet Zapffe as well.

Filmmusic – Now with an orchestra!?

Some news on the musicfront: Trygve Nielsen will still be providing the music, and that will be interesting. He made some music last fall, but has been very busy with his own animationfilm plus starting a whole new genre in VJing, “VJ-Rallarblod”, which will probably be the big thing in the future, but will also try to make some new music now for Planet Zapffe again.

Another great addition to the production is Arild Andenes! He will provide musicians and perhaps do a symphonic piece with some talented musicians he knows. He’s been conducting music for 15 years in Ørsta and Volda, and it will be exciting to see what he can do with the music Trygve Nielsen will compose.


Arild Andenes and his orchestra for Ørsta Hornmusikk

Project Zapffe Translation to English! 

A rare german translation of Zapffe from the 90s, but why none in english…?

Last but not least, I should say!
Could we hope for an international release of Peter Wessel Zapffe’s philosophy after all these years? Its been requested by people in Norway for ages and people outside Norway more and more as well.

Why has Zapffe never been translated to english? Some people claim he would have been as well-known as Sartre, Heidegger, Nietzsche and other existiensial philosophers. Its quite a mystery. It would be great if it would finally happen.

Quite a few people have contacted me through this process of making this movie Planet Zapffe.  Peter Wessel Zapffe is barely translated at all, but has a lot of followers just based on one single short piece, The Last Messiah. (No wonder as its really good, but still..) It was translated by norwegian teacher and philosopher Gisle Tangenes for Psychology Now originally, but seem to have lived its life after that.

The good news is there’s a project to get it translated. The project is under direction of author and Professor in Psychology Colin Feltham. He also has some interesting theories about Zapffe’s ideas that he has brought into psychology. I recommend checking out his books. The translation is by none other than Gisle Tangenes, who also translated The Last Messiah, which is quite lucky as he’s most likely the best person to translate Zapffe. I’m helping out with formalties. The project is going quite well so far, so I dare to do this shout out, although its quite a long way to go still. We have possible interest from a couple of publishers and we’re currently working on getting some funding and getting rights to do this, selecting the texts and more.

So far it looks like it will be an assorted selection of Zapffe’s texts, focusing on his tragic existensial philosophical texts. Many will be from On The Tragic, his most requested book, but probably with other recommended texts from other books as well that will suit.

Hope thats good news for all Zapffeans out there.

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful website which I came across while searching for Zapffes books and texts. You are absolutely right: There seems to be an unknown power whose very aim it is to render Zapffe’s texts as inaccessible as possible. His books are constantly sold out. Some texts are available on the net, however, there are no sources mentioned. On your site you showcase a German edition of selected texts. Alas, it is out of print and no second hand book shop seems to have it in stock. As I intensified my search on the net I encountered a site which promises at least some of Zapffes text. Unfortunately you have to have a computer with a Norwegian IP address in order to access what, for the rest of the world, seems to be under lock and key. One can only speculate why this is so. Norway should rather be ostentatious about such a unique thinker than to banish him into the poison cabinet.
    It is a hazzle. There seem to be many people out there who want to become more familiar with Zapffe’s philosophy as a part of the Norwegian cultural heritage.
    I am the author of two books on antinatalism (1995: SOLL EINE MENSCHHEIT SEIN? EINE FUNDAMENTALETHISCHE FRAGE and 2000: VEREBBEN DER MENSCHHEIT? NEGANTHROPIE UND ANTHROPODIZEE) and a series of articles on this subject matter. Currently I am writing a manual on antinatalism, and at this point in time I am in dire need of Zapffes books. Offering those interviews with Zapffe your site has been tremendously helpful to my work, thank you!
    Besides my philosophical research I work as a professional translator who would be more than happy to translate some of Zapffe’s writings into German.
    Many Greetings
    Karim Akerma

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