Summer Expedition to Zapffe Museum

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Its slower and lazier days at the Planet Zapffe production, or in other words vacation! But where do you go on vacation if you work on a movie related to Peter Wessel Zapffe? To the Zapffe Museum in Asker of course!

Well, its not a museum dedicated only to him really, but Asker Museum in Asker at least has a section of their museum dedicated to Zapffe’s home and things he owned. Everything on display. Why in Asker? Asker is where he lived and worked his last few years of his life. Slightly disappointing its not his real home they’ve turned into a museum, but a reconstruction of his home. Still, its a place put a lot of care and detail into, and a nice gesture. So it felt like visiting Zapffe. He didn’t live too far away from where the museum is at either.

Here’s some pictures from the trip! One could argue this is the real Planet Zapffe. Read a lot more about what’s in the museum and a bunch more pictures here.







There’s a new page dedicated to the Zapffe Museum on the website here.
Quite a magical trip.

We also paid a visit to Drammen Antikvariat ran by Jens K. Haugfos. He was very kind to us, after buying a couple of Zapffe books, and he could tell some interesting anecdotes about Zapffe which I didn’t know. As he knew people who knew Zapffe personally.

Fun facts: Zapffe seemingly never had a car, prefering to use his bicycle to get around. He seemed to be of a collector and organizer of all sorts of things(which made his home suitable for a museum). Zapffe also was known to write a lot of comments in his books, and the books in his collection in this museum was full of that.

Zapffe also smoked a lot. Drammen Antikvariat donated a tobaccobox to the production and also a little german language book once owned by Zapffe. Not sure if its safe to smoke this anymore, but a very nice gesture. Here’s the tobacco once owned by Zapffe.


A big thanks to Magnus Østvand for taking all the pictures at the museum and for making the trip possible!

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