Antinatalism Hall Of Fame 2.0

The Antinatalism Hall of Fame is turning into an art exhibition! One night only. 5th June, 19.30. The gallery is being shown at Norsk Animasjonsentrum / Norwegian Animation Centre.


This is the musuems logo, made by Ivan Dujmusic, who is also the director of the museum. It is a new animation museum made with the animation department in Volda. The museum staff has been kind enough to put up Stein-Christians Antinatalist Antinatalism Hall Of Fame Portraits.The gallery consisted of 10 portraits, with including texts. There was a bigger text about antinatalism in general, and some info about this movie, as well as the Planet Zapffe banner and the Hall Of Fame Logo. And we served free hot dogs, candy with taste of bacon and wasabi nuts. As well as lemonade.


Pre-production  with Ivan Dujsmusic and Stein-C fighting like mad dawgs over the order of the pictures..

bilde kopi

This is some pictures from the exhibition!







We put some antinatalism books on a table for people to glimpse through as well. Books by Zapffe, Benatar, Crawford, Ligotti and Cioran…


The Antinatalism Hall Of Fame gallery on the website is also updated, so for people who missed the gallery can view it online here.

The exhibition got a very good response and we were happy with it.

Most people that were new to what antinatalism was, and seemed to be openminded about these gloomy gentlemen we put up on a pedestal. Most people found the whole thing to be fascinating, and some people even said they really understood where antinatalists came from.

We didn’t expect anybody to convert. At best we just wanted people to think about these things and come to their own conclusions.

Thanks to Norsk Animasjonsentrum and especially Ivan, the director of it all, who also provided most of these pictures!

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