Update May 2013

Busy days on Planet Zapffe.. lots of stuff happening.
Trying to stay positive working on a quite pessimistic film is sometimes a paradox though. Oh well. Lets go over the news..

Stein-C is back with two new portraits. One of Kirk Neville aka DerivedEnergy… and a new one of Gary/Inmendham..

About DerivedEnergy!

Derived Energy

This is DerivedEnergy, thats the nick he’s been known for on youtube for quite some time, but he’s real name is Kirk Neville, and he’s now using this officially as his monicker on youtube. He’s a very nice and intelligent guy and a dedicated antinatalist. I advice everyone to visit his youtube-channel. He’s been active making argumentative videos for years, and I think he has been working on a book about antinatalism too. A huge fellow Zapffe-fan too, which I have chatted with briefly, so I consider him a friend. He’s a dedicated antinatalist too, and by the hand of Stein-C he’s now granted our Hall Of Fame!

Sometimes bad and sad stuff happens though, and recently news about DerivedEnergy has been subject to a lot of shock and sorrow for the antinatalism community. It seems like he has been caught in a situation most people would only have nightmares about. He is born british, and has been working as a language teacher in Indonesia, and were caught in his private house smoking two joints of marijuana.. and his flat was stormed and he was arrested. He now facing charges of up to 12 years in prison, because of insane Indonesian laws. Which to is beyond unreal, if you ask me. Absurd. Especially since he’s a british citizen, and it would make more sense sending him back to England and let them deal with his case after the law system he’s registered in.

Sadly we don’t know much about the situation about how his state is. Although both Inmendham and Amanda as well as many others are usually updating on this case frequently. Check out there if you want to get involved in this.

YOU CAN HELP out too! HELP DERIVED ENERGY if you disagree with Indonesia’s law system, and want him sent home. Just sign this online petition!
It already has 500 votes, so its going forward. Online petitions like this has proven an effect in some situations, so please don’t argue its of no value.

When I find some time, I will make a section on the site to collect his best videos, as I might do with others too. Derived Energy’s also been very interested in Peter Wessel Zapffe, and I promised him to make a video series about Zapffe’s book About The Tragic(since its not translated to any other language than norwegian, he even talked about wanting to learn norwegian to learn it). Which I sadly saw I had no time to do at the time, but I will probably will do this series now, perhaps in tribute to Kirk eventually. When I get time. From everybody’s working on Planet Zapffe we wish you all well, Kirk!

Again, please sign this petition!

G. Inmendham

We also did another drawing of Inmendham! He’s already in the hall of fame, but we made a new portrait as we heard rumors he wasn’t happy about his last one (too looked too sad or angry maybe). I kind of liked the old one, but we discussed it in length and made a new one that was more mild. And also since Stein-C’s latter portraits has gotten more and more ‘realistic’.

Gary probably need no introduction. He’s one of the most dedicated antinatalists out there. Go to his youtube channel or his Vloggerdome. He’s always interesting and never boring. (Or you could watch this insanly video by Contentmentiswealth, or check out Graytaicho’s great library of Inmendham edited videos (well mostly its Inmendham, at least.)) 

In other news with the production…

Plant: Frode has been finishing up the plant that shoot out gas.
Its looking really cool and creepy now.

PlantFront (2) PlantfrontOpenPlantprof

Voices: We’ve been recording a lot of voices by our actress Camilla Olsen Moss in April. Around 50% the voices we managed to get done. Still some left in the later parts of the movie. Its very difficult doing voiceacting.. Arguably more difficult sometimes than normal acting.  You kind of have to act without any surroundings to help.

We’re looking for voiceactors for the other roles too. Which is something to do sooner than later. Tsk.

Faces/woman: Kirsten has been working very hard on the face, and we’ve had a really bumpy ride, but we think we have a face that would suit our maincharacter, which is so far under the name of Sarah. Here’s some of the stuff in the furnace…


Fjes i profil, halvprofil og forfra
Fjes forfraII

First scene

The first scene is the “stoneland”.. A very dead and large environment on the planet, an area that is almost filling Planet Zapffe. Actually most of it is rocky, with only oasises of grassy areas. There’s some strange rocks in the starting area. Its quite windy there too.

Rar stein

Here’s the current version of the startscene. It looks very good, I think. Kirsten has really been doing a great job so far.

Startområde bakgrunn

And next step is to start animating actually. Perhaps for real this time.

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