Update April 2013

Lets start with a gloomy Peter Wessel Zapffe-quote for gloomy April!

“Despite his new eyes, man was still rooted in matter, his soul spun into it and subordinated to its blind laws. And yet he could see matter as a stranger, compare himself to all phenomena, see through and locate his vital processes. He comes to nature as an unbidden guest, in vain extending his arms to beg conciliation with his maker: Nature answers no more, it preformed a miracle with man, but later did not know him.” ~ Peter Wessel Zapffe, The Last Messiah

Stuff is happening slowly yet good. As snail doing its best. New and improved Script! The perhaps biggest news for April is the new version of the script! 4.0. There’s been some problems, loose ends, unfinished dialogues, elements waiting forever to be fixed and stuff like that with the old script, but now there’s finally a new and improved version. Probably not the complete script, but closer to something finished at least. Visit the script section of the website to read it! We have a portrait of Herman Tønnessen to the Antinatalism Hall Of Fame. Stein-C is responsible for all kinds of immortalizing, yet again.

Herman Tønnessen

Herman Tønnessen was a friend of Zapffe, and a professor in philosophy in California and later in Canada after moving from Norway, losing his position in Oslo to Arne Næss. He’s infamous for his quote “Happiness is for pigs, I choose the truth. (“Lykke er for griser. Jeg velger sannheten”)” which was also the title of a book by Tønnessen and Zapffe. A very good book which I personally have re-lent from my library for months and months. The book is captivating to say the least, and a of dialogue between Zapffe and Tønnessen. Tønnesen easily being the most talkative between them. They have similar vibe, but does have different perspectives at some points. Very entertaining book, and if you can get it consider yourself lucky as its quite rare. There’s also an essay by Arne Næss, who often is thought of as the most famous philosopher in Norway, but a bit optimistic than Zapffe and Tønnessen, and we also get an answer to Næss by them both. One of my favorite books, probably. Who likes optimists, I guess.


Tønnessen was also infamous for trying to out-Zapffe Zapffe himself. While Zapffe would say something like that the universe doesn’t serve any real purpose or meaning, Tønnessen would take it even further and say it doesn’t even serve meaninglessness! Tønnessen was also viewed as some kind of rabulist, and a very loud energic person with a lot of weird impulses. There’s a story once while waiting in a resturaunt for the foot, started to climb a beam in the roof out of boredom, and managed to get the roof to fall down, and people say stuff like that happened with him all the time. Anyway, Tønnessen was a fascinating and entertaining persona, and sadly he passed away some years ago in silence. I am saddened to see not much legacy has been tributed him later on. He deserves better. This portrait is tributed to his memory and an inclusion to the Antinatalism Hall Of Fame.

Our background president Kirsten has also been at works with defining the look of Planet Zapffe. Its turning very physical now. These are some beautiful illustrations of the huge plain area the maincharacter will walk through at night. Two moons. Click one the pictures for a bigger view. They’re worth it. Many nice details..




Great work.

There’s also been some smaller updates around the site.

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