Update March 2013

March! Time never pauses, although everything else seems to do sometimes.

This is the anticpated “The Big Background Update”, as Kirsten, our background president, has been quite hard at work with the director here, trying to find the look for Planet Zapffe and the universe. Its going good, here’s some works…


There’s been good progress with the works in the swamp. In the movie the maincharacter visits the swamp, and eventually finds something there.


uferdig Sump1

Here’s another draft of the first scene. A bit more gloomy than the last ones. Need to make a decision soon.


We had interesting ideas with the trees in the swamp, as they are impregnant with the eggs of the creatures living there. The final idea (credited Kirsten here) has been to make the tree even look a bit like a pregant woman, which is a fantastic idea. Here are some drafts of the development.




Here’s some more undefined ones. Showing skies and moods.




Naturlandskap spisse fjell

Kirsten is doing really great work, and I’m endlessly appreciative for her efforts. If you like her works, I hope you’ll check out here deviantart-page. She’ll post a lot of stuff there as well.


Meanwhile, Maestro Frode is working on the plant. An element that is very central in the movie. We hope to get somewhere with it soon. The colors here are probably a bit too much like roses at the moment, but its getting somewhere. They’ll look quite wilder and weird when they open up. You’ll see!



The Great™©∞ Stein-Christian hasn’t been able to finish any new antinatalists to this update, which is a bit sad.. but we have a lot of quite exciting plans for further portraits, so there will be more. We are doing one of another norwegian philosopher in fact. Yes, there is another one. Can anyone guess who? He was quite a character.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show you this old classic drawing he did of Peter Wessel Zapffe before he did the later one. Its something about this that I just always just loved personally.

Gammel utgave av Zapffe

Also, while we’re on old versions of drawings.. Check out this abondoned banner by Stein-C too. Its funnier than the present one, but perhaps a bit “too” funny. At least thats what I felt at the time. Zapffe (to me) ended up looking a little bit like a mad german scientist. We did another more serious version. This one is very nice on its own.

Planet Zapffe banner orig.2


Furthermore, we are trying to figure out a improved suit/character for the movie. Anna Mantzaris is currently on the task. It has sadly been a very lengthy difficult case, and has slowed things down a bit with the production, but thats how things are sometimes.

We are unfortunantly still on the look for final her face too. Maybe we could do a very avantgarde-experimental movie and she like doesn’t have a face? Thats my current brilliant idea.

There’s also a plan to update the script very soon. Blame the Gods of Evil Gods of Procrastrination And Untimely Illness for it to go so slow. Soon though.

Shout out!


My friend and collegue on several of movies in the past together, Toni Nordli, is producing a movie over in England, and its a very interesting fictional movie about “A British photojournalist, covering the war in Bosnia (1991-1995), encounters ethical and moral complications in the pursuit of his art“. Its called Take Me To The Front, and you can watch a teaser here. They are having the funding project on Indiegogo. I suggest go over there and read about the film and consider supporting it if you want to see it realized.
A global best of luck from Planet Zapffe!

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  1. These concepts arts are fantastic.

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