Update February 2013

February has been up for a few days now, and all the moons of the universe has alligned to make this update possible.

First up: The mysterious artist Stein-C has been up to no good again, and has made a couple of brilliant additions to the antinatalist portraits-project, which soon will be added in the Antinatalism Hall of Fame.

Emil Cioran. A romanian author, poet, existensialist and philsopher. The book Trouble Of Being Born is very beautiful although obviously pessimistic and melancholic book, full of strange and wonderful thoughts. Here’s his wikipedia article.

Emil Cioran

Les U. Knight, is the founder of the organization The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement(VHEMT for short). They are antinatalists in the sense that they’d like to see the world without as many humans, or preferably any at all. They have more of a environmental approach to the extinction of humanity than many of the others, but antinatalists just as much. Check out their website. Lots of info on them there. 
“May we live long and die out!”

Les U Knight

A few t-shirts has been printed by Foreverwolffilms/Amanda with the Jim Crawford-portrait on the front, as she made a contest, and a quote of him on the back. More about that later.

In other news very talented Kirsten Ryeng is the new background artist, and she has already started to do some nice work. Her deviantart-page here, check her out!
Here is a couple of things she’s working on. (Not finished, but coming along very nicely!)





Frode Munkhaugen has been working on the the swamp creature from profile.
It has a bit of a buggy look now, which is interesting.


Here some binoculars, used in the scene the maincharacter sees something on the mountains.
Here’s an attempt to find the colors of the swamp.


I would also like to welcome Anna Mantzaris aboard. She’s a very talented artist and and animator that was in my class in Volda. She will help out when she has time. Check out her and Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsens graduate movie But Milk Is Important if you can. Its a very intense dizzy movie about a man struggling with his social anxieties and some big creature bugging him to move out of his comfort zones. Done with puppetanimation. It turned out amazingly good. If can get a chance to see it, please do. Also, Anna, myself and the infamous latter day Simon Furdal also worked on a digital-cutout movie in 2010, which was a reworking of the Orpheus myth. You can watch it here.

Another swede Marq Persson also will assist with animation. He’s a very good animator, and check out his stuff. A very warm welcome to the production.

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