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Antinatalism Magazine #3 released

After months and months of work and delays the new issue of the magazine is finally done. It can be bought here on ebook and paperback. Check it out. Unfortunately though, due to the Covid-19 situation in the world right now Amazon … Continue reading

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Antinatalism Conference 30th of May 2018 and Release of Antinatalism Magazine

A conference about Antinatalism in Prague in Czech Republic is presented on 30th of May 2018. “Anti-natalism under fire”.  A new Antinatalism Magazine will be pre-released there. It kind of succeeds with the first issue Jiwoon Hwang was responsible for, but … Continue reading

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The Antinatalism News

Some of us are a bit excited that the term “antinatalism” is trending. Some of us dream of the topic exploding into the mainstream debate. Perhaps we’ll never see that day, perhaps we will, who knows. But its interesting to be … Continue reading

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