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Antinatalism Magazine #3 released

After months and months of work and delays the new issue of the magazine is finally done. It can be bought here¬†on ebook and paperback. Check it out. Unfortunately though, due to the Covid-19¬†situation in the world right now Amazon … Continue reading

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Update for June 14

For people asking or those too silent to wonder, sorry for the lack of updates on the Planet Zapffe website. Planet Zapffe reached a temporary full stop some odd months ago due to unfortunate circumstances a bit too complex to … Continue reading

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Summer Expedition to Zapffe Museum

Zzzzzzzz… Its slower and lazier days at the Planet Zapffe production, or in other words vacation! But where do you go on vacation if you work on a movie related to Peter Wessel Zapffe? To the Zapffe Museum in Asker … Continue reading

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