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Update April 2013

Lets start with a gloomy Peter Wessel Zapffe-quote for gloomy April! “Despite his new eyes, man was still rooted in matter, his soul spun into it and subordinated to its blind laws. And yet he could see matter as a … Continue reading

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Update March 2013

March! Time never pauses, although everything else seems to do sometimes. This is the anticpated “The Big Background Update”, as Kirsten, our background president, has been quite hard at work with the director here, trying to find the look for … Continue reading

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Update February 2013

February has been up for a few days now, and all the moons of the universe has alligned to make this update possible. First up: The mysterious artist Stein-C has been up to no good again, and has made a … Continue reading

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Update January 2013

Holidays and such. Happy new year! Looking forward to what the year might bring. Welcome to Planet Zapffe. We know how to laugh lightheartedly in the face of despair and we offer fun services to learn this ability. Finally we have … Continue reading

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Update December 2012

Gloomy December is upon us again. It always returns with its glittery updolled season. Things are slowly moving along up there on Planet Zapffe. Here is what’s going on. Website banner The Planet Zapffe banner for the site has finally stroke … Continue reading

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Update November 2012

Lack of updates lately, but now there will be monthly updates with general progress. Its decided! Expect one at the start of every month. Here’s a November update. Animatic of the film NB! Not THE finished animatic, but a continous work … Continue reading

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Astronaut Suit + Composer

Frode Munkhaugen finally finished the suits! This is approx 95% of what it will look like at least. You can see and read about the whole devolopments(earlier drafts, inspirations, etc) of the space suits here. Frode is also looking for … Continue reading

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The Great Antinatalist Thinkers

These are a collection of portraits by Stein-Christian Fagerbakken of some of (what is considered) the most central antinatalist thinkers. The philosopy promoting the view that humans should go extinct. Its made for a section of the webpage that will attempt … Continue reading

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New Storyboard 4.0

…what eerie stuff is going on here in this scene? Find out what by reading the storyboard. Check out the whole movie and story with beautifully drawn pictures and told story. Its almost like a comic! Storyboard 4.0. The storyboard is … Continue reading

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The Rover Robots Designs

Designs of the rover robots “Hansel and Gretel”. Done by Stein-Christian. You can read and see more pictures about the rover robots story here.. Along with the evolution of the design and the thoughtprocess behind the design

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